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Success Series

2021 Success Series

Program begins March 31, 2021

We're excited to offer a brand new series beginning Spring Solstice, and we're inviting you all to take the leap and spring forward into a new lifestyle of healthy habits and relationships.

What is the Success Series?

Join this fast-paced, energizing program to nourish your Mind, Body and Soul.


Every week, H. Soul breaks it down, challenges outdated ways of thinking, and shares different life-changing habits, tools, and techniques that will transform your relationship with yourself, and those around you.  It might not be the advice you WANT to hear, but it's the wisdom you NEED to break free.


Throughout this year-long program, you will:

  • Learn tools to Master your mind, including meditation and breathwork techniques 

  • Challenge yourself with different exercises for healthier mental and physical fitness

  • Examine the confines of our culture and society to identify what's holding you back

  • Let that Shit Go- learn to leave the guilt, shame, and victim mentality behind in the dust

  • Learn how to make the most of your relationships with the Progressive Love Tenets

  • Discover how to become the creator of your reality and Discover your Ikigai

  • Connect  with SoulJourners from around the world to share stories and support each other on this journey



program DETAILS:



Choose your Plan


The Success Series program begins on the week of March 28th, 2021 (first live masterclass on March 31st). 
Missed the date? Join in anytime throughout the year, and catch up to the live program with recordings of all previous classes.


Select a plan to begin.  Choose from a Basic Membership, Power membership, and monthly payments or one-time payment to save.

  • Basic Plan- Monthly

    Every month
    Start your transformation with a Basic membership
     14 day free trial
    • Exclusive weekly Live Masterclasses
    • Access to all recordings of previous lectures
    • Success Series coursework and exercises
    • Required reading- H-Soul's eBook and more
    • Post-show After-parties: live Q&A sessions and discussions
    • Soul Tribe- private SoulJourner community for support
  • Power Plan- Monthly

    Every month
    Make the most of this program by engaging 1-on-1 with H.Soul
    • All 'Basic Membership' benefits
    • Monthly 30-minute private coaching session with H-Soul
    • Front-of-the-line invitations to in-person Soul Retreats
  • Basic Plan- Yearly

    Save on a Basic Membership with 1 one-time fee
    Valid for one year
    • Basic Membership (see above)
  • Power Plan- Yearly

    Save on a Power Membership with 1 one-time fee
    Valid for one year
    • Power Membership benefits (see above)

Community Membership


SoulJourner is dedicated to equal opportunity and accessibility. 

We are offering 20 Community Memberships at a discounted rate to those in financial need.

If you are interested in joining SoulJourner but the membership price is not accessible to you, contact us to discuss eligibility for a community membership or discuss an energy exchange.

Community Memberships provide the same benefits as a basic membership.

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