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Day 17 on isla: Isla Taketh Away & she Giveth

A week ago I met a woman and her partner on the island. The woman's partner is a Black woman from Seattle that came for 5 weeks and has ended up being here for 5-months. The woman herself (Indigenous) came here from Argentina five years ago and has literally NOT left the island since arriving. So when I say that this island is magical and intoxicating....I truly mean it.

Now, the Indigenous sista was telling me her story of how she wound up staying on the island. She said, that the spirit of the island Ixchel "pushes those off that aren't ready for abundance and keeps those on who she wants to bless". Now, I was originally slated to be here just two-weeks, then the magic starts happening; major business opportunities, meeting healers, big deals finalizing, etc. and thus I'm on day

Now, i just figured out last night that I've misplaced my wallet. It's seemingly GONE!

However, i didn't lose any money(or my card, I gave it to my daughter to pay for dinner) and I still have my passport. When I first visited Africa I had a similar experience. I knew what was happening. It's the spirits of the lands way of exacting her tribute.

It's a price I happily pay because the abundance has been soooooooo immense during my time here. Since i've arrived here we've picked up several more clients, a book deal, my daughter got engaged, my sun reconnected with his mother, and many other things that i can only name offline. Kching, Kching, Kching for real!!

All blessings require tributes. To whom much is given, much is required. I'm waaaaaay too blessed to be stressed!

I love Ixchel (Isla Mujeres) and you will too! Tata!!



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