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Carpi Fvcking Diem: The Science of Seizing The Day

You know what I realized? Most people are not mentally prepared for their “opportunity”. If the equation for success is PREPAREDNESS +OPPORTUNITY then this is a huge deficit in our thinking. Most people who swear sweet Jesus that they just “need a break” wouldn’t or couldn’t seize an opportunity if it was sitting right on their own chin. Why? Mindset.

Here’s an example.

I’m currently writing this blog post from a beautiful island in Mexico. Two weeks before I arrived here I decided that I wanted to take a trip to mentally and physically prepare myself for the upcoming equinox. I also have an impending program that I needed to finish the curriculum for and I wanted to take some time to finish writing and organizing for its launch. So i reached out to a dear friend of mine who owns a vacation home in Mexico and made arrangements for me to be there for a few weeks. Done. Then I opened up the invitation to all of my inner-circle (which is about 10 people) to be able to come and hang out for a few days within that time span if they so desired. Now before I tell you how many out of that 10 were able to seize this opportunity let me explain to you what I explained to them.

Here was my spiel to my circle:

“I have rented a 3-bedroom luxury villa 100-yards away from the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean ocean on either side of the island (see pics of this paradise to prove my claim). You only need to pay for your ticket here and have enough money for your souvenirs. I’ll handle food, activities, etc. I’m leaving in two-weeks. You'll need a passport and you don’t need a COVID test to get in but you will need one to get out and they’ll come to the house to test 3 days before you travel. Hope you can make it!”

So essentially all that was needed was about $500 bucks, a passport and some life re-arrangement to be able to spend as many days as you wanted in paradise. That’s it!

Now, out of the 10 or so people that I offered this opportunity to and that also expressed a desire to go, guess how many were willing and able to make it happen for themselves? One. That’s right, one person. One person was properly prepared mentally (made life re-arrangements, no overriding anxiety of last-minute changes, etc.) and physically (passport, $167 for roundtrip ticket, no procrastination, etc..) to be able to Carpe Diem.

The Power Point

So what’s my point? Is that if the formula for success is PREPAREDNESS (mentally, physically, etc.) + OPPORTUNITY then most people despite what they SAY to themselves or others are really NOT truly prepared for success. It’s those thoughtful, courageous and flexible few that do the work necessary to place themselves in the way of their blessings.

Most people are not prepared for the very same blessings that they have made vision boards for, speak with to their friends and family about, or get on their knees and pray for it to happen. Why aren’t they prepared? Because, they have not taken the time to build a container for their desires and success. It’s like praying to the Creator for rain but you haven’t taken the time to craft a container to capture the water once it begins to fall from the sky.

If you’re interested in putting yourself in the mindset to be able to take advantage of opportunities when they arise and for major success then what is required is a paradigm shift from what most of us have been trained to do. You MUST build your container.

Time 4 Sum Akshun:

Have you ever heard of a “Bug out bag” or a “Go-bag”? The primary purpose of a GO-BAG is to allow one to evacuate quickly if an OPPORTUNITY should strike. It is therefore prudent to have a container with all of the materials and supplies that might be required.

I’m suggesting that you create yourself an OPPORTUNITY GO-BAG/Container that will give you the preparedness necessary to take advantage of any opportunities that may come your way.

Here’s what you need in your OGB ( OPPORTUNITY GO-BAG):

  1. Remain flexible- when your opportunity arrives it may not initially look exactly like or anything like what you requested. That’s because blessings and opportunities need time to unfold. Think of your unfolding blessing like this: You asked the Creator for a butterfly. The Creator will send you a caterpillar, which initially looks nothing like a butterfly. You must be grateful for the caterpillar because blessings like caterpillars need time to unfold. There is nothing that blocks blessings better than being rigid about how things must show up as in order for you to take advantage of them. Receive and be grateful for the caterpillar and KNOW that the butterfly will eventually emerge.

  2. Get in and Stay in the flow- when you’re in YOUR flow, you will be in a better space to see, have patience for and take advantage of your opportunities. Being in the flow requires mental relaxation free from anxiety and stress over your desires. Remember what grandma used to say “a watched pot don’t boil”. Be humble, sit down, be patient, stay in the flow.

  3. Anticipate the Opportunity/BE PREPARED: One of my favorite songs in the Lion King is “be prepared!”. It’s a song about waiting for the opportune moment to arrive. You should be mentally prepared by being flexible, being in the flow and anticipating your opportunity to arrive. Relaxed anticipation is an art form. Master it.

Remember, the OGB (Opportunity Go-Bag) is being created for the things that YOU said you wanted in your life. We are merely getting you mentally prepared to receive what you have asked for. Yes, you should absolutely ask for what you receive AND be prepared with a container to receive it when it comes. Now….make your wish and be prepared to SEIZE THE DAY!

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