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Engage with H-Soul

Take the Journey further- work together with H-Soul to deep-dive on specific areas of focus. 
From spiritual wellness to social justice, H-Soul brings his experience, wisdom and unique perspective to help his clients make big changes in the world. 


Soul Sessions

Take your personal path to the next level.  Whether beginning your individual healing journey, or preparing to share your gifts with the world, work 1-on-1 with H-Soul to develop a personalized plan that creates powerful results and win-win interactions.

Book a Soul Session:

  • Individual Werk- Healing, Healthy habits & practices

  • Relationship Werk- Relationship audits, communication coaching

  • Soul Werk- honing in and developing your Ikigai and life purpose

  • Community Werk- sharing your Gifts meaningfully, equitably, and abundantly.  

  • Much more- have an idea or a question?  Just ask!

Soul sessions
  • Take your journey to the next level with 1-on-1 coaching with H-Soul

    1 hr

    180 US dollars
  • 30-minute private coaching session for Power Members

    30 min

Speaking Engagements

Leverage H-Soul's extensive knowledge for your next event:  his unique perspective and passionate delivery creates an unforgettable message every time.

Invite H-Soul to speak about:

  • De-colonizing the self-help genre
    Getting back to the roots, when healing rituals are so often culturally-appropriated in the US, and lack the historical and spiritual references to truly expand our minds.


  • Freedom in a Capitalist Economy
    Examining how we measure success in a capitalist economy-  what is the purpose of career: are we selling or sharing? 


  • Finding your North Star
    Breaking down historical and present systems of power under white supremacy, introducing a new dynamic of purpose-driven life to marginalized cultural communities.

  • Much more- visit for more topics or get in touch to discuss your event with us.

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