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SoulJourner's roots are founded in healing and social justice. As part of our work to heal our Mind, Body and Souls, this includes lifting up our brothers and sisters in need.
Join us this summer for a series of events designed to move our bodies, raise funds, and raise awareness for a cause.


May 29: 5K Run for Women's Rights in Tigray

Our first organized run this year is for an excellent cause:  I was introduced to the sisters behind the Tigray Action Committee, and instantly knew that their message was something worth supporting.  Join us on May 29th to raise funds and awareness supporting women's rights in Tigray, Ethiopia.

What's happening in Tigray?

Since November 2020, the northern region of Tigray has been engulfed in a civil war.  During this time, women in Tigray (the northernmost state of Ethiopia) have been subjected to sexual violence by Ethiopian and allied Eritrean soldiers.  Rape is being used as a weapon of war, and there have been many allegations that this is an act of ethnic cleansing.  

Blockades have been set in Tigray, forcing civilians to stay in the war-torn region without access to food, medicine, power or telecommunication. With limited communication, it has been difficult to access the full scope of destruction in the country, however, estimated numbers show a dire situation:

Estimated Statistics:

  • More than 50,000 Ethiopian civilians have been killed

  • A reported 5 million people urgently need assistance

  • Roughly 4.5 million are in need of food aid

  • Nearly 900 aid workers have been cut off from communicating with the rest of the world

More Resources:


Who is the Tigray Action Committee?

The Tigray Action Committee was founded in January 2021 by Maebel and Hawzien Gebremedhin.  Currently living in Denver and New York, the sisters have been working tirelessly to create change for their family and loved ones in Tigray by raising awareness, and raising funds which go directly to aiding women in need in Tigray.  We were introduced to the sisters through our local Denver community, and have stepped up to support their cause.

How you can get involved:

  1. RUN ON MAY 29: Register to participate in-person in Denver, or participate virtually and run anywhere in the world.  Run registration fees are collected on behalf of the Tigray Action Committee and will go directly to Tigrayan women in need.

  2. SIGN THE PETITION: Urge our government to take action and sanction Ethiopia for weaponizing sexual violence.  Sign the petition here.

  3. learn & SHARE: Educate yourself about what is happening, and raise awareness by sharing our event, or sharing information about what's happening in Tigray.  Head to our Instagram or Facebook to share one of our posts.

  4. DONATE & fundraise: Donate on your own, or start a run fundraiser to encourage your network to support your 5K run by donating.  Contact us if you have any questions about fundraising or donations.

run registration

Run Registration

Register to run for Women's Rights on May 29th. 

Run details: 

  • Run together with the SoulJourner team in Denver, Colorado, OR 

  • Plan your own route to run anywhere in the world.  

  • Track your run with other participants globally using the MapMyRun app.  (Instructions provided after registration)

  • Stand with our Tigrayan sisters by wearing RED on the day of the run! 

  • All run registration fees go directly to the Tigray Action Committee to benefit women in Tigray impacted by war (see below).

  • Additional details to be provided by email and through the Facebook event in advance of May 29.  Don't forget to share the Facebook event and invite your friends to run with you!  

Donate Funds


Support the cause or support a run participant  by donating to our fundraiser.  All proceeds from run registration fees and donations are donated to several organizations including the following: 

  • Tigray Safe house

  • A local Tigray clinic that specializes in helping women with fistula (injuries caused by sexual violence)

  • A local Tigray urgent care facility set up to provide emergency care for women in Tigray. 


Run Sponsors

SoulJourner would like to recognize its partners who have generously donated towards our fundraiser:


platinum: $5K-$1K


gold: $999-$500


silver: < $500 

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